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Akua Adu-Labi, MS ACSM-CEP

Senior Exercise Physiologist

Akua Adu-Labi is an experienced clinical exercise physiologist with a solid background working with geriatric patients and other special populations (COPD, pre and post lung transplants, IPF, Bronchiectasis, Sarcoidosis) for over 13 years. She previously worked at the Pulmonary Wellness and Rehabilitation Center in Manhattan where her responsibilities included conducting exercise evaluations, developing and implementing exercise prescriptions, supervising monitored exercise sessions. She was also a co-author of a study entitled “safety and efficacy of high-intensity aerobic exercise and strength training in Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) patients”. 

Akua has been the senior exercise physiologist at Ansible Health since December 2021, where she is in charge of developing and implementing an exercise program for homebound COPD patients to help them achieve optimal pulmonary health while living with the challenges of their condition.