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Introducing AnsibleBlog

August 22, 2023
June 14, 2023
- Ansible
The AnsibleHealth team is delighted to introduce a new series of blogs

Dear readers,

The AnsibleHealth team is delighted to introduce a new series of blogs inspired by our amazing patients and the insightful conversations that take place during our peer support group sessions known as AnsibleChat. Held every second and fourth Monday of the month, these bi-weekly Zoom-based calls provide a safe space for patients to come together and discuss topics related to living with pulmonary lung conditions. During these sessions, participants offer support, advice, and share community wisdom with one another.

Over time, our patients have shared numerous valuable stories and helpful tips during these AnsibleChat discussions. As a result, we decided to capture and share some of the acquired community wisdom with our readers, highlighting the important conversations that occur during these peer support sessions.

Stay tuned for blog posts that capture the essence of these meaningful discussions, as we aim to share valuable tips, heartwarming stories, and practical advice for those living with pulmonary lung conditions and their loved ones. By sharing this acquired community wisdom, we hope to inspire and empower our readers through the experiences and insights of our remarkable patients participating in the AnsibleChat sessions.

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